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  大学英语范文双语大全:Sigh Off Network 逃离网络

  Nowadays, with the development of scienceand technology, the network provides us with great convenience, such as thevideo phone, webcam meeting, the world has become smaller and smaller. Becausethe network is so convenience, lots of people seem to be more relying on it thanbefore, especially for the young generation, most of them are already addictedto it.


  Maybeyou can see this kind of people around you, they play computer or cell phoneanytime when they are free. The last thing they do before they go to bed isplay cell phone, and the first thing they get up to do is pick up the phone. Theyare so urge to refresh the micro-blog, they panic when they miss the latestnews. Moreover, those net citizens are more prefer net socialize than thereality one, they could chat with the one in the internet for a long time aboutanything, but they find it hard to talk to the person face to face.

www.cai898.com_【官方首页】-小财神  也许在你身边可看到这样子的人,他们在他们空闲的时候都会玩电脑和手机。晚上上床最后一件事是玩手机,早上起来第一件事是拿手机。他们异常渴望刷新微博,如果他们错过了最新消息,他们会感到不安。他们能与网络上人无所不谈很长时间,但是却发现与人面对面交谈很困难。

  Relyon network too much could be dangerous. Many people play computer or cell phonewith inappropriate pose, it could cause short eyes or other illness. What’smore, many people like to surf the internet with cell phone when they arewalking, in this case, they will pay less attention to the situation aroundthem, they might easily get hit by car.


  Thenetwork bring us great convenience, still, we live in reality. We should getfar away from the internet sometimes, it is better to feel the reality, eventhough it might cruel to you.


  大学英语范文双语大全:Should the Country Life Style be Remained? 农村生活模式该保留吗?

  Today, China is in the process of being urbanized, people are chasing the urban life, the country life style is changing with the urbanization. Some people who live in the country think they should change their life pattern, they should abandon it for the purpose of keep pace with urbanization. In my opinion, the country life style should be remained.


  On the one hand, we should remain our traditional life style. The young generation gets high education, they believe in science, holding the idea that all the traditional country life styles should be abandoned, such as the behavior of shao xiang. While the pursuit of modern life has no contradiction with the old life pattern, people can combine them. They should keep the good side while abandon the negative side, like the worship of ancestors should be remained.


  On the other hand, the reservation of the country life style helps people find the sense of belonging. As most of the young generation work in the city, they leave their hometowns for a long time, what’s more, they don’t have the sense of belonging in the city. The country life style will let them find their existence and won’t lose themselves.


  The country life style of course need to be remained, it stands for the tradition, how can we abandon it. At the same time, we need to clear the bad side.

www.cai898.com_【官方首页】-小财神  乡村生活方式需要保留,那代表着传统,我们怎么能抛弃呢。同时,我们需要清除掉不好的方面。

  大学英语范文双语大全:Diligence Redeems Stupidity 勤能补拙

  It is generally accepted that diligence is the mother of success. As the proverb goes, Diligence redeems stupidity. If you consider yourself is not smart enough, then you should make great efforts to make your dreams come true. In this world, there are many successful men in this world, some of them are scientists, some of them are superstars, and some of them are entrepreneurs. Behind their successes, they have made tremendous effort that ordinary people can barely imagine. Einstein once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspirations.” This means one should put all his heart on the thing he wants to succeed.


  Kobe Bryant, one of the most famous basketball players in this world. In his whole basketball career, he has won five champions. He is considered to be the second greatest player next to Michael Jordan. Once a journalist asked him what his key to success is. He said: “Do you know what the sky looks like in Los Angles at 4 a.m.? I know what it looks like at every morning.” Practice makes perfect. Kobe devotes himself to his career and finally reaches his goals. You may call him lucky. But good luck only favors those who are always well prepared and hard-working people.

www.cai898.com_【官方首页】-小财神  科比布莱恩特,这个世界上最伟大的篮球运动员之一。在他一生的职业生涯中,他赢得了5个总冠军。他被认为是仅此于迈克尔乔丹的篮球运动员。曾经一个记者问他成功的秘诀是什么,科比反问记者:“你知道每天早上4点洛杉矶天空的样子吗?我知道它每天早上4点钟的样子。” 练习让技巧变得完美。科比全身心的投入到自己的职业生涯中,最终实现了自己的梦想。你也许会说他只是幸运。但是,幸运只垂涎于那些准备充分和坚持不懈的人。

  If you want to do something, just do it. Chase after your dreams fearlessly. Remember, diligence redeems stupidity. Hard working and persistent will perform miracles.


  大学英语范文双语大全:On Campus Security 关于校园安全

  Recent years have witnessed a variety of accidents occurred in universities in China. This phenomenon has aroused public concerns. We have to give attention to campus security and build a harmonious campus.


  When it comes to campus security, we recall the incidents on campus. It is reported that a college student killed his roommate just because they didn’t get along with each other several days ago .It really scared students on campus. Some students even put a fish in the water they drink in case someone put something dangerous in it. The close relationship built for a long time becomes weak so easily. What a bad influence the accident has on students.


  What we should do something to avoid this phenomenon and build a solid relationship between students? I think the most important thing is to enhance the communication among students and encourage them to participate in activities. Only in this way will students believe in and get along well with each other.


  大学英语范文双语大全:The Advantages of Practicing Calligraphy 练习书法的好处

  In our nation, calligraphy has always been considered as one of the most significant arts. And we are advocated practicing calligraphy when we are children for that we can get some benefits from it.


  In the first place, it is obvious that practicing calligraphy is of great help to improve our handwriting. Improving our handwriting is very important in that our handwriting can reflect some information about our characteristics. Second, practicing calligraphy can settle our minds and soften our moods. When we are anxious or upset, practicing calligraphy can make us calm down and turn to be rational so that we would not do something impulsive. Finally, practicing calligraphy is a good way to improve our ability of appreciation. By practicing different kinds of calligraphies, we can get knowledge of characters of various calligraphies, compare them with each other and learn to appreciate them. In this process, we are able to develop a good eye for beauty.


  In a word, practicing calligraphy is definitely advantageous. In addition, we can learn to be persistent from practicing calligraphy because keeping practicing it needs a great willpower and persistence.


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